National Society of Leadership & Success    


 University of Michigan - Dearborn Chapter Since January 2010


Congratulations to the 117 members inducted for the 2015 program!! Thank you Professor Hymes for presenting at the NSLS Induction Ceremony!  

In 2010, Career Services began the National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS) program at the University of Michigan – Dearborn. After a successful year, our chapter inducted 92 founding members into the society. Society members are dedicated to professional and career development, which includes elements of academic achievement, community service, and personal growth.

To become a member of the NSLS, students must attend orientation, a leadership training day, three success networking team meetings (SNTs), and three speaker presentations throughout the year. The society also offers the opportunity to earn the National Excellence in Leadership Award (NELA). The NSLS also gives every member a chance to earn a variety of scholarships that are posted regularly on the society’s website. The National Society of Leadership and Success holds a world of possibilities for each new member. By developing skills and utilizing resources, the society helps members to become successful professionals.

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Did you know?

National survey of Society outcomes:

  • 98% indicated the Society has made it more likely they will achieve their life goals

  • 95% indicated the Society has made them more likely to land the job of their choice

  • 95% indicated they would recommend the Society to their peers

UM - Dearborn Chapter outcomes:

Highlights include: 

  • 91.8% of students would recommend the Society to a friend.

  • 83.7% of respondents felt that the NSLS contributed to their academic success.

  • 79.6% of students participated in a community service event/initiative while working toward NSLS membership.

  • Some of the key professional and career skills obtained through the program were: 
    • Ability to set and reach goals
    • Opportunity to connect with other students
    • Learned to provide and accept feedback
    • Worked with a team

  • Review NSLS Program information - NSLS Program Report - 2012; NSLS Program Report - 2011; NSLS Program Report - 2010

Member Quotes

  • "What I most enjoyed about the program was the open encouragement offered by fellow-members, the NSLS advisors, and speakers, in support of my goals. Prior to NSLS, I often felt alone in regards to my aspirations and along my road to success. However, amazingly, with NSLS, I no longer felt that my goals were too lofty, because NSLS actually encourages lofty goals and provided the support and an easier road to reach them"
  • "My most positive experiences with the society were getting to know other students on campus, getting feedback from them and giving them feedback. Being able to hear different speakers was interesting as well. Every experience was a positive one with the society."