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DATE: January 5, 2005

UM-Dearborn and Michigan Television will host preview screening and
panel discussion of upcoming PBS program, 'Auschwitz: Inside the Nazi State.'

DEARBORN---A new PBS documentary titled "Auschwitz: Inside the Nazi State" will get its first local screening at a preview and discussion to be held at the University of Michigan-Dearborn on Sunday, Jan. 16.

"Auschwitz: Inside the Nazi State," a six-hour television series, is a chronological portrait of Auschwitz, the site of the greatest mechanized mass murder in history. The program will be broadcast in three parts beginning Jan. 19 on most PBS stations across the country.

UM-Dearborn has partnered with Michigan Television (WFUM PBS TV 28), the university's public broadcasting service, to preview the program for Detroit-area viewers. The program, and panel discussion to follow, will begin at 1 p.m. Jan. 16 in the Social Science Building on the Dearborn campus. Screenings of parts two and three of the program, originally scheduled for Jan. 23 and 30, have been cancelled.

This is the first time that Michigan Television and UM-Dearborn have collaborated on an event of this type.

"We chose UM-Dearborn as the site for this special screening because the campus has done so much to document this history through the Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive, directed by history professor Sidney Bolkosky," according to Jennifer White, interim station manager of Michigan Television. "Guests attending these events will get the benefit of excellent PBS programming and access to an outstanding academic and community resource."

UM-Dearborn's Voice/Vision project has recorded interviews with hundreds of Holocaust survivors in the Detroit area over the past 20 years. Christopher Browning, professor of history at the University of North Carolina and author of numerous books on the history of the Holocaust, has described the UM-Dearborn effort as "a model program." The recordings are available at

Bolkosky will be one of the speakers on a panel discussion and conversation following the screening. Other speakers are Jamie L. Wraight, historian and curator of the Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive, and Larry Wilcox, professor of history at the University of Toledo.

The program is open to the public, but reservations are requested by Jan. 12 at (866) 203-1136 or by e-mail to





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