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DATE: May 13, 2002

Kachaturoff sisters create teaching scholarship in the School of Education

DEARBORN--"Our parents believed that material things could be taken away from individuals, but one's education could never be taken away. It would always be a part of one's being and personality," according to Grace Kachaturoff, professor emerita of education at the University of Michigan-Dearborn.

Evelyn and Grace Kachaturoff

Grace's sister, Evelyn, agreed. "Our father was an immigrant from Armenia who had no education" she said. "So he made it his lifetime goal that all of his children would have an education. Our mother was from Georgia, in the Soviet Union, and she also was a firm believer in education and was able to get a high school education before coming to this country."

That's why the sisters, who are both retired from the teaching profession, decided to honor their parents by establishing a scholarship fund in UM-Dearborn's School of Education. Their sister, Mary Matle, also is a retired teacher.

"We believe that public education needs the finest and best-trained teachers to educate the children and youth of today," Grace said. "This scholarship, particularly in the social sciences and the humanities, hopefully will encourage students to consider education as a career."

The Grace and Evelyn Kachaturoff Endowed Scholarship Fund will recognize outstanding students in elementary or secondary education who intend to teach in public schools.

"Grace and Evelyn Kachaturoff have spent their adult lives in education," according to John Poster, School of Education dean at UM-Dearborn. "Now they are extending that commitment through a scholarship fund that will benefit future generations of social studies teachers. On behalf of those future teachers, and the School of Education, I want to say how grateful I am to Grace and Evelyn Kachaturoff for their devotion to the school and our profession."

Grace taught at the secondary level in the public schools for 25 years before joining the UM-Dearborn faculty. During her time on campus, she served as coordinator of the School of Education's graduate program and taught courses for prospective teachers of elementary and secondary social studies and secondary English as well as graduate level courses.

Evelyn taught kindergarten in the Dearborn Public Schools.

"Our parents worked throughout their lifetimes to provide education for all of their five children," Evelyn noted. "They would be proud to know that all of their grandchildren have received college degrees, too."

The sisters said they are indebted to public education for providing them with memorable, rewarding and pleasurable careers in teaching.

To be eligible to receive the scholarship, students should be juniors working toward certification in an elementary or secondary education program in the humanities and/or social sciences, enrolled in at least eight credits, and demonstrate a strong commitment to public education grades K-12.

Recipients will be selected by the university scholarship committee based on their scholastic achievement and leadership qualities.




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