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DATE: May 7, 2004

"The Crisis in Health Care" on agenda for May 21 "conversation" at UM-Dearborn

DEARBORN---Leaders from government, the health-care system, labor and academia will speak at "The Crisis in Health Care: A Conversation with Community Leaders" to be held at the University of Michigan-Dearborn on May 21.

Speakers will include Rep. John Dingell; Vernice Davis Anthony, president and CEO of the Greater Detroit Health Care Council; Gerald Fitzgerald, president and CEO of Oakwood Healthcare; Harry Lester, director of District 2 of the United Steelworkers of America; and Janet Olszewski, director of the Michigan Department of Community Health.

The session will be moderated by Richard Straub, professor of behavioral sciences at UM-Dearborn and author of a standard text on health psychology.

"Affordable, accessible, quality health care for all citizens is perhaps the single most important issue impacting the future prosperity of our region," according to Edward Bagale, vice chancellor for government relations at UM-Dearborn and a member of the Western-Downriver Advisory Board of the Henry Ford Health System.

"Our region faces a challenge of historic proportions with more than 300,000 uninsured citizens, underfunding of Medicare and Medicaid, and the rapidly increasingly legacy costs of health-care insurance for working and retired employees," Bagale said. "This conversation on May 21 will be one step in understanding the scope of the problem and beginning a dialogue about strategies for regional solutions."

The program, which will begin at 8 a.m. and is expected to run until 9:30 a.m., will be held in the UM-Dearborn Social Sciences Building. While the meeting is free and open to the public, registration is required at (313) 593-5140 or via e-mail to

The program is sponsored by Henry Ford Health System, OHEP Center for Medical Education and UM-Dearborn and is the plenary session for an all-day conference called "Frontiers in Research: Spanning the Research Divide for Healthcare Professionals" to be held at UM-Dearborn the same day.




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