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DATE: Oct. 8, 2002

Enrollment reaches all-time high level

DEARBORN---Enrollment increased by 4 percent this term over a year ago, reaching an all-time high level of 8,725 students this Fall semester. In terms of student credit hours, enrollment went up by 4.4 percent this term over a year ago.

Growth was particularly strong at the graduate level, where enrollment was up 16.3 percent over last Fall. The number of graduate students now totals 2,169, or approximately 25 percent of the student body measured by headcount.

The number of first-year students also increased significantly this year, rising from 699 in Fall 2001 to 807 this term. Enrollment of new transfer students also increased from 629 in Fall 2001 to 717 this term. The total number of new students, both graduate and undergraduate, increased by more than 10 percent over a year ago.

"Growing enrollment is one of the strategic goals of the campus, and is crucial to helping us generate the resources we need, according to Linda E. Brown, assistant vice chancellor for enrollment management and registrar.

"These increases reflect a great deal of work by staff in admissions and other student services areas, as well as a strong commitment by faculty and staff across campus to accommodate the learning needs of our students, both new and continuing," Brown said. "This increase reflects also the fulfillment of our mission to serve this region with responsive, high-quality programs of study."

Recruiting new students is only one part of an enrollment management plan, Brown notes. "We also need to work together to retain the students we have already recruited and help them move forward to achieve their educational goals," she said.

Undergraduates still account for the bulk of the campus's total of approximately 176,000 student credit hours, but graduate enrollment has accounted for virtually all of the growth of the last 10 years, more than doubling from 11,283 in 1992-1993 to 23,682 in 2001-02.

"While undergraduate programs have been and will always be central to the campus, the strong growth in graduate enrollment over the past decade reflects our commitment to meeting the emerging educational needs of this region," according to Provost Robert L. Simpson. "It is increasingly clear that the employers in this area require a highly talented and skilled work force, and we are committed to helping to develop the human capital of this region through programs of the highest quality at both the undergraduate and graduate levels."




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