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LEO Intermittent Lecturer
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1190 SSB (Social Sciences Building)
4901 Evergreen Rd
Dearborn, MI 48128
Mondays 11 am-12 pm

Biography and Education

BS Communication Technology, Eastern Michigan University

MA Educational Technology, The Ohio State University

Teaching and Research


Connected Learning; Digital Citizenship; Student Data Privacy; Hybrid Learning; TPACK; Synchronous Online Communication; Faculty Development

Teaching area

Integrative Studies


Selected Publications

Caines, A. and Glass, E. (October, 2019). Education before Regulation: Empowering Students to Question Their Data Privacy. EDUCAUSE Review.

Bali, M., Caines, A., Hogue, R., DeWaard, H., Friedrich, C. (May, 2019). Intentionally Equitable Hospitality in Hybrid Video Dialog: The context of Virtually Connecting. Elearn Magazine.

Voithofer, R., Nelson, J.M., Han, G., & Caines, A. (February, 2019). Factors that influence TPACK adoption by teacher educators in the US. Educational Technology Research and Development. Online Access.

Bali, M., and Caines, A. (December, 2018) A Call for Promoting Ownership, Equity, and Agency in Faculty Development via Connected Learning. International Journal of Educational Technology in Higher Education.


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