Fac/Staff profile

David Chatkoff
Associate Professor of Psychology
4049 CASL Building
4901 Evergreen Rd
Dearborn, MI 48128

Selected Publications

  • Kerns, R. D., Shulman, M., Burns, J. W., Jensen, M. P., Nielson, W. R., Czlapinski, R., Dallas, M., Chatkoff, D. K., Sellinger, J., Heapy, A., & Rosenberger, P. (2013) Can we improve cognitive-behavioral therapy for chronic back pain engagement and adherence? A controlled trial of tailored versus standard therapy. Health Psychology.¬†
  • Leonard, M. T., Chatkoff, D. K., & *Gallaway, M. (2012). Association between pain catastrophizing, spouse responses to pain, and blood pressure in chronic pain patients: A pathway to potential comorbidity. International Journal of Behavioral Medicine.
  • Chatkoff, D. K., Maier, K. J., & Klein C. (2010). Nonlinear associations between chronic stress and cardiovascular reactivity and recovery.¬†International Journal of Psychophysiology, 77, 150-156
  • Chatkoff, D. K., & Leonard, M. T. (2009) A preliminary investigation of cognitive appraisal, and cardiovascular reactivity and recovery in Arab Americans.¬†Ethnicity and Disease, 19, 258-264
  • Chatkoff, D. K., Maier, K. J., Javaid, J., Hammoud, M., & Munkrishna, P. (2009). Dispositional hostility and gender: An examination of heartrate variability and blood pressure across cognitive and emotional laboratory tasks. Personality and Individual Differences, 47, 122-126.
  • Heapy, A., Sellinger, J., Higgins, D., Chatkoff, D., Bennett, T. C., & Kerns, R D.(2007). Using interactive voice response to me a sur e pa in and quality of life. Pain Medicine, 8, SI45-S154.
  • Hoffman, B., Papas, R., Chatkoff, D. K., Kerns, R (2007). Meta-analysis of psychological interventions for chronic low ba ck pain. Health Psychology, 26, 1-9


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