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Fac/Staff profile


Associate Professor of Biology
Matthew Heinicke
237 SFC (Science Faculty Center)
4901 Evergreen Rd
Dearborn, MI 48128

Teaching Areas:

Research Areas:

Biography and Education

Dr. Heinicke joined the faculty of UM-Dearborn in 2012 as a member of the Biology discipline in the Department of Natural Sciences.

Current focal areas of research include the systematics and biogeography of amphibians and reptiles in southwestern Africa (including Angola, Namibia, and South Africa), evolution of gliding in geckos, and phylogeny of New World direct-developing frogs. His research combines field, museum, laboratory, and computational approaches. Undergraduate and M.S.E.S. students interested in research opportunities are encouraged to email Dr. Heinicke for more detailed information.


Ph.D. Institution: Biology, Pennsylvania State University, 2009

Teaching and Research

Selected Publications

Heinicke, M.P., T.R. Jackman, and A.M. Bauer. 2017. The Measure of Success: geographic isolation promotes diversification in Pachydactylus geckos. BMC Evolutionary Biology 17: 9 (17 pp.).

Heinicke, M.P., C.L. Barrio-Amorós, and S.B. Hedges. 2015. Molecular and morphological data reveal a new genus of New World direct-developing frog (Anura: Terrarana) from an under-sampled region of South America. Zootaxa 3986:151–172.

Heinicke, M.P., J.D. Daza, E. Greenbaum, T.R. Jackman, and A.M. Bauer. 2014. Phylogeny, taxonomy, and biogeography of a circum-Indian Ocean clade of leaf-toed geckos (Reptilia: Gekkota), with a description of two new genera. Systematics and Biodiversity 12: 23–42.

Awards and Recognition

Taylor and Francis award for outstanding paper published in 2014, Systematics and Biodiversity (for “Phylogeny, taxonomy, and biogeography of a circum-Indian Ocean clade of leaf-toed geckos (Reptilia: Gekkota), with a description of two new genera.”)

Alumni Association Dissertation Award, Pennsylvania State University, 2009


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