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Lecturer II, Computer and Information Science
217 CIS
4901 Evergreen Rd
Dearborn, MI 48128
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Biography and Education


Ph.D., University of Michigan-Dearborn

M.S., University of Michigan-Dearborn

B.S., University of Michigan-Dearborn

Teaching and Research

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Selected Publications

  1. J.P. Baugh, "Establishing Security and Privacy in Vehicular Ad hoc Networks via Utilization of Group Signatures", Masters Thesis, April 2007
  2. J.P. Baugh, J. Guo, "Location Privacy in Mobile Computing Environments," Lecture Notes in Computer Science - Springer, 2006
  3. J. Guo and J.P. Baugh, “Security and Privacy in Vehicle Safety Communication Applications,” SAE 2006 Transactions Journal of Passenger Cars: Electronic and Electrical Systems, Volume 115, Number 7 (2006), pp. 721-727.
  4. J. Guo, J.P. Baugh, and S. Wang, “A Group Signature Based Secure and Privacy-Preserving Vehicular Communication Framework,” Proceedings of the Mobile Networking for Vehicular Environments (MOVE) workshop in conjunction with IEEE INFOCOM, Anchorage, Alaska, May 2007, pp. 103-108.


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