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Professor and Chair, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Paul Richardson
2060 IAVS
4901 Evergreen Rd
Dearborn, MI 48128

Research Areas:

Biography and Education


Ph.D., Systems Engineering, Oakland University

Teaching and Research

Selected Publications

  1. Combined OOK with PSM Modulation for TH-UWB Radio Systems: A Performance Analysis, S. Majhi, A. S. Madhukumar, A. B. Premkumar, P. Richardson, EURASIP JWCN, in press
  2. T. Jiang, W. Xiang, P. Richardson, D. Qu, G. Zhu, “PAPR Reduction of OFDM Signals Using Partial Transmit Sequences with Low Computational Complexity”, IEEE Transactions of Broadcasting, Vol 53, no 3, pp 719-724
  3. T. Jiang, W. Xiang, P. Richardson, D. Qu, G. Zhu, “On The Nonlinear Companding Transform for Reduction in PAPR of MCM Signals”, IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, Vol. 6, No. 5, May 2007 1
  4. C. Zhao, W. Xiang, P. Richardson, “Automobile Brake-by-Wire Control System Design and Analysis”, IEEE Transaction on Vehicular Technology, Volume 57, Issue 1, Jan. 2008 Page(s):138 - 145
  5. P. Richardson, W. Xiang, Performance Results for Real-Time Control Networks in a Linux Based System with Sporadic Message Arrivals, IEEE Transaction on Industrial Infomatics, Nov 2006, Vol 2, no. 4, pp 231-241
  6. P. Richardson, W. Xiang, W. Stark, “Modeling of UWB Channels within Vehicles”, IEEE Transactions on Selected Areas of Communication”, April 2006, Volume 24, Number 4. pp 906-912
  7. P. Richardson, A. Elkateeb, L. Sieh, “Intra-Vehicle Computer Networks – Emerging Trends, Protocols, and Obstacles”, International Engineering Consortium Annual Communications Review, vol 57, pp 763-782, 2004 (invited paper)
  8. P. Richardson, A. Elkateeb, L. Sieh, “An Adaptive Scheduling Approach for Providing Multi-Dimensional Quality of Service Support in Control Area Networks”, IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, Vol. 53, No. 5, pp 1594-1606, September 2004
  9. Richardson, P. Sieh, L. Ganz, “Quality of Service Support for Multimedia Applications in Third Generation Mobile Networks using Adaptive Scheduling”, Journal of Real Time Systems, Vol. 21, No. 3, pp 269-284, Nov 2001
  10. W. Xiang, P. Richardson, A High-Speed Four-Transmitter Four-Receiver MIMO OFDM Testbed: Experimental Results And Analyses, EURASIP Journal on Applied Signal Processing, Vol 2006 (2006), Article ID 45401, 10 pages


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