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Robert L.

Provost Emeritus and Professor of Biology and Environmental Science Emeritus
Robert L. Simpson
Dept. of Natural Sciences, 114 SFC (Science Faculty Center)
4901 Evergreen Rd
Dearborn, MI 48128

Biography and Education

Robert L. Simpson retired from UM-Dearborn in 2010. He also retired from Kettering University in 2014 as Provost Emeritus, and served as Dean and Professor of Biology at William Paterson College and Department Chair and Professor of Biology at Rider College. His research focuses on freshwater wetlands. He has co-edited three books, Freshwater Wetlands: Ecological Processes, Management Potential and Ecology of Soil Seed Banks and Seedling Ecology and Evolution, and published numerous research articles focusing on the ecology of tidal freshwater wetlands. He served as president of the NJ Academic of Science, a member of the NJ Wetland Mitigation Council and a member of the HLC Accreditation Review Council. He is an HLC Peer Corps member.

Teaching Areas

Invertebrate Zoology, Limnology and Applied Ecology

Research Areas

Wetland ecology


B.A. and M.A. Fresno State College

Ph.D. Cornell University

Teaching and Research

Selected Publications

Leck, M.A., V.T. Parker and R.L. Simpson. 2008. Seedling Ecology and Evolution. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK. 512 p.

Leck, M.A., V.T. Parker, and R.L. Simpson. 1989. The Ecology of Soil Seed Banks. Academic Press, Orlando, FL. 462 p.

Good, R.E., D.F. Whigham, and R.L. Simpson. 1978. Freshwater Wetlands: Ecological Processes and Management Potential. Academic Press, NY. 378 p.

Simpson, R.L., R.E. Good, R. Walker, and B.R. Frasco. 1983. The role of Delaware River freshwater tidal wetlands in the retention of nutrients and heavy metals. Journal of Environmental Quality. 12:41‐48.

Simpson, R.L., R.E. Good, M.A. Leck, and D.F. Whigham. 1983. The ecology of freshwater tidal wetlands. BioScience. 33:255‐259.


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