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Assistant Professor of Physics and Astronomy
2216 CW (Computing Wing)
4901 Evergreen Rd
Dearborn, MI 48128

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Selected Publications

Clarkson, W. I. et al., 2012 ApJ 751, 132, Proper Motions of the Arches Cluster with Keck Laser Guide Star Adaptive Optics: The First Kinematic Mass Measurement of the Arches

Clarkson, W. I. et al. 2011 ApJ 735, 37, The First Detection of Blue Straggler Stars in the Milky Way Bulge

Yelda, S. et al. 2010 ApJ 725, 331, Improving Galactic Center Astrometry by Reducing the Effects of Geometric Distortion

Howard, C. D. et al. 2009 ApJ 702, L153, Kinematics at the Edge of the Galactic Bulge; Evidence for Cylindrical Rotation

Clarkson, W. I. et al. 2008 ApJ 684, 1110, Stellar Proper Motions in the Galactic Bulge from Deep Hubble Space Telescope ACS/WFC Photometry

Clarkson, W. I. et al. 2007 MNRAS 381, 851, SuperWASP-North extrasolar planet candidates between 3h < RA < 6h

Clarkson, W. I. et al. 2004 MNRAS 348, 450, X-ray behavior of Circinus X-1 - I. X-ray dips as a diagnostic of periodic behavior

Clarkson, W. I. et al. 2003 MNRAS 339, 447, Long-term properties of accretion disks in X-ray binaries - I. The Variable Third Period in SMC X-1

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