The Office of Metropolitan Impact (OMI) 

OMI builds strong community partnerships to enable the University to fully live its Metropolitan Vision, working to transform the life, economy, and culture of our metropolitan Detroit region while deepening both learning, and teaching, at the University of Michigan-Dearborn. 

OMI Goals: Develop the volume, value and impact of mutually beneficial community partnerships for research, teaching, learning, and service and to enhance the metropolitan vision as a defining dimension of UM-Dearborn.     


Upcoming Events:

GIS Day is November 19th!  GIS day will provide students, faculty and the community with the opportunity to explore, share and learn about how GIS can help solve environment and community issues.  For more information about GIS day please visit their site:


Save the date for UM-Dearborn's First Annual Engagement Day!  The event event will wrap-up the 2015 MLK Week on January 23rd from 9am - 1pm.  We will be showcasing a variety of faculty, student and community partner projects.  These projects will include community-based research, Academic Service Learning course presentations, Blueprints Leadership projects and others.