Student Services & Facilities


Supervisor: Linda Grimm Room: 2245 SBCW
Telephone: (43)6-9123
Days Open: Monday through Friday, Schedule is Posted
The person on duty is available to:
1. Make up necessary solutions
2. Locate apparatus, glassware and chemicals
(Attendant cannot leave the dispensary for any length of time)
Contact Linda Grimm regarding:
1. Equipment
2. Back-order information
3. Equipment catalogs
4. Orders received
5. General shipping/receiving information

Biology Laboratories

Room: 2029 SLRC
Telephone: (59)3-3844

AC Facility

Room: 2212 SLRC

Controlled Environment Laboratory

Room: 1053 SBCW

Microbiology/Biochemistry Prep Room

Room: 2024 SLRC

Tissue Culture Facility


Electronic Maintenance

Technician: Kurt Cafini Room: 2219 SBCW
Telephone: (59)3-5142
Hours: Monday - Friday 7:30am-4:00pm



Natural Sciences Order Form