Emergency Information

This area on the UM-Dearborn website, when activated, will contain information about a campus closure, incident or emergency.

Once the Emergency Notification System is activated those receiving a message will be directed to umdearborn.edu for additional information.

Tips to stay safe during cold weather

  • Stock up on essentials, food and water in advance to limit the need to go outside.
  • Limit your time outside. If you need to go outside, wear layers of warm clothing. Keep all skin covered. Watch for signs of frostbite and hypothermia.  
  • Signs of frostbite include: loss of feeling and color around the face, fingers and toes, numbness, white or grayish-yellow skin, firm or waxy skin.  
  • Signs of hypothermia include: shivering, exhaustion, confusion, fumbling hands, memory loss, slurred speech or drowsiness.  
  • Avoid carbon monoxide poisoning. Only use generators and grills outdoors and away from windows. Never heat your home with a gas stovetop, oven, or kerosene heaters that are not properly vented.  
  • Reduce the risk of a heart attack. Avoid overexertion when shoveling snow.  
  • Check on neighbors. Older adults and young children are more at risk in extreme cold.  
  • Pets are also at risk for cold weather injuries and should be kept indoors.  
  • If travel is necessary, keep a full tank of gas and an emergency preparedness kit in your vehicle. Put warm clothing, such as gloves, blankets and hats, and a cell phone charger in your kit.

Please be safe if you must venture outdoors.

Emergency Contacts

In the event of an actual emergency, visit umdearborn.edu for details about the incident.

UM-Dearborn Police

Emergencies call

Stay Connected During an Emergency

Sign Up for Text, Phone Call and e-Mail Updates

In order to receive Emergency Notification System Alert messages, faculty, staff and students may register phone numbers to receive text or voice messages. Additionally, the university automatically registers all faculty, staff and student "umich.edu" email addresses. Click on a link below to register today.

Please note: during an actual emergency you cannot register to receive emergency notifications. Registration today will help prepare you for future incidents.

Students: Register on UM-Dearborn Connect under Secure Area

Faculty & Staff: Register on Wolverine Access under Employee Business

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