Because of the small size of the Honors classes and the emphasis on active participation, students in the program gain close personal contact with their professors from the beginning of the freshman year. The instructors in the Honors Program are highly dedicated teachers. Many have won UM-D's Distinguished Teaching Award. All are committed to the ideal of relaxed and collegial relations between students and professors. The Honors faculty are readily available to Honors students for academic advising and for informal conversation.

The core of the Honors Program is a carefully planned sequence of courses. Instead of taking a smattering of classes in unrelated areas, students in the program complete their basic college requirements with courses that form an integrated and coherent curriculum.

Honors students have a special niche within the college community. They get to know each other and build close friendships because they take many of the same courses together. The Honors lounge provides a home base on campus where students can come to talk, study, read magazines or relax between classes. The program regularly sponsors social hours and organizes group outings to concerts, plays and museums. Students and faculty in the program get to share valuable experiences outside the classroom.