Educational Goals

What are the Educational Goals of the Honors Program? The Honors Program at UM-Dearborn aims to counter a major problem in modern college education: the fragmented and overly-specialized nature of many undergraduate programs. Our Honors courses offer a broad overview of the history of Western culture. Students learn about the basic traditions, the essential thoughts, the pivotal events that have shaped our society. At the same time, since the courses are taught by professors from different fields, students also come to understand how the various strands in our history are linked with one another.  The Honors Program recognizes that young people today will enter a multiethnic society and a world of closely-linked competing nations. 

The atmosphere of the Honors discussion classes is open and convivial. Students are encouraged to express their own thoughts freely and to treat diverse points of view in a considerate and collegial manner.  The Honors curriculum follows a logical progression, leading from discussion classes in the freshman year to independent research in the junior year. Students in the program develop academic abilities that gradually build on one another and create increasing competence and self-reliance.The skills and values fostered by the Honors Program should benefit students not only during their college or graduate education, but also in their later personal lives and professional careers. 

All courses in the program fulfill Dearborn Discovery Core Requirements.