Congratulations to the winners of the 2015 UM-Dearborn Writing Awards

Special thanks to our UM-Dearborn judging panel and external judges: 

Lee Brooks (Writing Program), John J. Cristiano (Research Administration, Center for Engineering Education and Practice), Nicholas Iannarino (Communication), Kirsten Kaschock (external- fiction), Reb Livingston (external- poetry), Kyhl Lyndgaard (external- creative non-fiction), Anna Muller (History), P.F. Potvin (Writing Program/LCC), Natalie Sampson (Health and Human Services)Carla Vecchiola (History, Civic Engagement Project, Teaching and Learning Hub), Anne-Marie Yerks (Writing Program)Frank Synowicz (external- Writing Through Image & Sound)

1.  Elizabeth Marshall (Good Girl)
2.  Courtney Morrison (My Scrap Book)
3.  Nick Jones (Perspective)
Honorable Mention
Dina Shohatee (Does She Really?)
Natelege M. Sims (The Revolving Door)

1.  Francis Teevin (Drive Thru)
2.  Andre Dupret (K. and His Quest for Discovery)
3.  Katelin Smith (Under the Rose Bushes)

Creative Non-Fiction
1.  Zahraa Farhat  (I’m Getting Old)
2.  Yousuf Ali  (In Retrospect: Pope Urban VIII’s Thoughts on the Trial of Galileo)
3.  Francis Teevin  (My Father’s Ashes)
Honorable Mention
Michelle Stone (Sapphires in the Sun)

1.  Taylor Lenze  (Fatherhood in Post-War Eastern Europe)
2.  Alexandria Lawrence  (#RIP)
3.  Jordan Ewald  (The House That Built Us)

Researched Writing
1.  Ali Najaf  (Reshaping Genuine Doubt as a Virtue in Islamic Philosophy)
2.  Nathan Szymkowicz  (On the Frequency of Florentine Capital Punishment)
3.  Kaylah Van Wasshnova  (Race in the United States: a Story of Cultural Arrogance and Obsession with Private Property)

First-Year Writing
1.  Zachary Smith  (Improving Reactions to Economic Crisis)

Writing in the Public Sphere
1.  Brent Clark  (Banksy’s Street Art Story: Using the Narrative Method of Rhetorical Criticism to Analyze the Story of Power Struggle in Banksy’s Gaza Street Art)
2.  Shelby Cowen  (Hairspray Narrative)
3.  Nick Jones  (Leelah Alcorn, In the Margins)

Science/Technical Writing
1.  Daniel Ingels  (Witnessed Workplace Incivility as a Predictor of Performance Outcomes: The Mediating Role of Appraisals and Emotions)
2.  Jessica Ringel  (Aggression and Post-Conflict Behavior in Captive Western Lowland Gorillas)
3.  Kevin Learned  (The State of the Art of Inter-Vehicle Communications and My New Proposals)

Writing Through Image & Sound
1.  Shelby Eschker (The Others)
2.  Paul Taylor  (Tiling Detroit)
3.  David Bartek  (The Real Cake Boss)