Comp 095 and Comp 099

Writing Techniques

Designed to help the less-prepared student qualify for Comp 105. Includes a review of basic grammar and syntax and frequent practice in writing short papers to develop skills in unified and coherent writing. Comp 095 is especially designed for non-native speakers of English. These courses do not provide credit toward graduation or toward the 6-hour composition requirement.

Comp 105

Writing & Rhetoric I

Focuses on the study and practice of writing and rhetoric, with special emphasis on the writing process. Students write and read critically a range of texts, and consider academic and nonacademic genres and conventions.

Comp 106

Writing & Rhetoric II

Focuses on the study of writing and rhetoric through composing a range of researched texts. Students study the rhetorical choices effective for writing in different media, and learn practical strategies for academic inquiry and for giving useful feedback in response to the writing of others. Such strategies include those related to the use of electronic and print resources, peer-review and revision.

Comp 110 and Comp 220

Honors Writing & Rhetoric I & II

Students in the Honors Program satisfy their composition requirement with these courses, taught in conjunction with the Honors Seminars.

Comp 223

Creative Writing

An introduction to writing poetry, short stories, and drama, emphasizing analysis and discussion.

Comp 227

Intermediate Exposition and Argumentation

Further explorations in exposition and argumentation to develop the ability to write essays and articles. Intensive practice in writing and careful examinations of appropriate books and shorter prose works.

Comp 270

Technical Writing for Engineers

Instruction and practice in designing technical reports. Students study the rhetorical problems facing professional engineers and learn practical strategies for analyzing and communicating technical information to technical and non-technical audiences. This course fulfills the Composition II requirement for engineering majors, who must achieve second semester sophomore standing before taking the course.

Comp 280

Business Writing & Rhetoric

COMP 280 focuses on instruction and practice in composing and designing business documents, including abstracts, memos, email, letters, reports, resumes, proposals, and slide presentations. Students study the rhetorical problems facing business professionals and learn practical strategies for analyzing business information and communicating with professional and non-professional audiences. Such strategies include those related to the use of electronic resources, peer-review and revision. This course fulfills the Composition II requirement for business majors.

Comp 327

Advanced Exposition

Composition 327/English 327 builds on introductory composition courses by offering further study and practice in college-level writing proficiency. As an advanced course in the writing of expository, narrative, and analytical essays, Comp/Eng 327 helps students build  rhetorical and audience awareness, find their own authentic voices as writers, and focus on elements of style.  Sections of the course typically ask students to read a variety of written texts (including but not limited to full-length works of non-fiction, shorter published essays, and imaginative texts from a variety of genres) and use expository writing as a means to critically engage with those texts. Like other UM - Dearborn writing courses, Comp/Eng 327 emphasizes revision as a crucial strategy for discovering purpose, clarifying meaning, and making the written word as forceful and effective as possible.