College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters

CASL's Alumni Difference Maker Recipients

For more than 30 years, UM-Dearborn has honored outstanding alumni for their contributions to the University and community.  These men and women are "difference makers" who have continued the University's legacy of leadership in their lives and careers.  On October 4, the University once again recognized several distinguished alumni at its annual awards celebration.  The following CASL alums were honored as 2013 UM-Dearborn "Difference Makers" at the event:

College of Arts, Sciences, & Letters Alumnus of the Year: Eric Ham, '95, B.A.

Eric plays a leading role in shaping U.S. foreign policy. In an effort to create a dialogue among thought leaders about key foreign policy and national security challenges leading up to the 2012 U.S. presidential election, Eric launched The XII Project. His foreign policy expertise also is on display in his role as senior adviser for Global Political Solutions, where he provides advice and counsel to a diverse set of clients on defense and national security issues. Through it all, Eric remains committed to addressing important laws and political issues on both the national and international level.

Young Alumnus of the Year: Veronica Grandison, '11, B.A.

Veronica Grandison (í11 B.A.) utilizes her creativity as the online content manager for BNP Media. But it does not stop there Ė Veronica also helped launch her own magazine. As editorial director of ColorBlind Magazine, Veronica strives to enlighten, encourage and empower young women from all walks of life to overcome adversity and achieve their goals. Though Veronica leads a busy professional life, she still finds time to give back to her alma mater. As chair of UM-Dearbornís African American Alumni Affiliate, Veronica leads alumni engagement efforts and also organizes campus events, like the Black Celebratory to honor graduating students.

Jeanette Schumacher Alumni Service Award: David Stephens, '04, B.A.

David is committed to his alma mater. It is evident with the first job he accepted after graduation. David worked in UM-Dearbornís Admissions Office, where he recruited local high school students to his alma mater. His commitment to UM-Dearborn doesnít end there, as David has chaired the African American Alumni Affiliate for the past two years. As chair, David has helped increase affiliate membership and played a major role in organizing the Black Celebratory to honor graduating students.

School of Education Alumnus of the Year: Donovan Rowe, '99, B.A./CASL, '04, M.P.A./SOE

Donovan exudes plenty of leadership and courage as principal at Huron High School. Since taking over as principal in 2007, Donovan has spearheaded change, initiated quality programs, nurtured and developed strong relationships and contributed to the schoolís success. That same leadership and courage is evident through his work with UM-Dearbornís School of Education (SOE) Alumni Affiliate. Donovan helped reignite the affiliate and, as chair, Donovan has coordinated outreach to SOE alumni to ensure they stay engaged with UM-Dearborn. His efforts resulted in successful campus events, such as the SOE 25th anniversary celebration and SOE quiz bowl tournament.