CASL Alumni Affiliate Scholarship

The CASL Alumni Affiliate, the official alumni organization of the University of Michigan-Dearbornís College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters, founded its scholarship in 1995 as a way to meet its primary objective ó to support the well being of the College.  By supporting outstanding liberal arts students today, we hope to assure the success of the College, and of the Alumni Affiliate, for many years to come.

The scholarship is funded by donations received throughout the year and by funds raised at an annual fund-raiser through the volunteer efforts of Alumni Affiliate members and the generous donations of our many sponsors and contributors.

Support the CASL Alumni Affiliate Scholarship!

In its brief history, the CASL Alumni Affiliate Scholarship has already helped 90 deserving liberal arts students reach their goal of academic excellence.  Through the generous contributions of hundreds of alumni and other friends of the College, we hope to continue, and expand, the scholarship in coming years.