Dearborn and its neighbors are home to one of the largest—and most diverse--communities of people of Arab descent outside of the Middle East. Arab American Studies at UM-Dearborn thus focuses on Arab Americans and Arab immigrants as well as the Arab peoples and cultures of the Middle East and their migration around the world. Initiated in 2000, UM-Dearborn's Center for Arab American Studies CAAS seeks to transform the production of knowledge about Arab American communities and concerns through ground-breaking and socially-engaged research, teaching, and scholarship. CAAS encourages work that utilizes:

  •  An interdisciplinary approach to Arab American studies that integrates research and teaching methods from history, media studies, literature, anthropology, and sociology, among other disciplines;
  • A transnational approach that highlights the relationship between Arab homelands and diasporas;
  • A comparative approach that places an understanding of Arab American history and culture in relation to other racial, ethnic, or immigrant groups;
  • A metropolitan approach that links campus, the Arab American and Chaldean communities of the Detroit area, and other members of the metropolitan community through teaching, internships, public programs, and engaged research and scholarship; and,
  • A collaborative approach that links the expertise and resources of our faculty to that of other institutions, scholars, and community partners.

We offer a minor in Arab American Studies.