For the first time in Michigan history, university students and state prison inmates shared a transformative learning environment.  In Fall 2007, 14 UM-Dearborn students enrolled in Soc 476 the Inside Out Prison Exchange class taught by Sociology Professor Lora Lempert; they were joined in the class by 14 men incarcerated at Ryan Correctional Facility in Detroit.

Since that initial class, Inside Out has become a regular curricular offering in the College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters.  Each term, Fall and Winter, UM-Dearborn students and incarcerated men share classroom space and learn together.

Inside Out is also expanding in the state.  Eastern Michigan University now offers IO classes at Women’s Huron Valley in Ypsilanti.  Michigan State University is offering Inside Out at Cooper Street Correctional in Jackson.  Wayne State University has started classes at the Thumb Correctional.  CMU will launch in January 2014 at Central Michigan Correctional, as will NMU at Marquette Correctional.  Albion College has a TBA for Cotton Correctional in Jackson.  Muskegon Community College is exploring Inside Out opportunities at Muskegon Correctional.  We are definitely growing!


The third National Regional Training of Instructors will take place here at the University of Michigan - Dearborn from May 18 -25, 2014.  For further information and application, see