Curriculum Knowledge Center (CKC)

The Curriculum Knowledge Center (CKC) is a special center and library committed to impacting our metropolitan region in Southeast Michigan through Learning, Teaching, and Outreach. The CKC serves as the gateway to CEHHS for children, families, and teachers to support teaching and learning and serves as a conduit vehicle for enrollment and persistence in college. The CKC operates as a resource for families in low socioeconomic communities by supporting each child's potential as a future college student and encouraging families to continue their own education through enrolling in college courses or other CKC opportunities.

The Curriculum Knowledge Center (CKC) has a variety of resources, student textbooks and equipment available to develop lesson plans, to fulfill class assignments and design presentations. The resources found in the CKC assist the pre-service teacher in understanding the full scope of what is necessary to become an exemplary teacher and contribute to the success of the education and health and human service students in preparing their coursework. Computers, scanners and software are available for student editing of video presentations. Print materials and study guides for the MTTC are available for check-out. The CKC offers all College of Education, Health, and Human Services students a place to study and complete group projects.

Online Catalog

Through a partnership with the UM-Dearborn Mardigian Library, the catalog for books in the CEHHS Curriculum Knowledge Center is now online. To search the catalog, simply go to the Mardigian Library site and access “Library Catalog.” Books in the CEHHS CKC will be so designated in the library search.