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Q:  Who is eligible for an annual review?

A:  Article XIX, Section B. 4.

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Q:  What do I do if a Lecturer doesn't complete his/her annual report?

A:  Article XIX, Section B. 3.

Article XIX (copied from the contract)

Section A. “There are two types of evaluation: interim evaluations and major reviews. Interim evaluations are conducted no more than once per year. Major reviews are conducted in accordance with the schedule set for in Article XI, Section B."

Section B. Annual Report

1. Once per academic year, each academic unit will notify employees of their obligation to submit an annual activity report and the date such report is due. The annual report will identify and summarzie the Employee’s performance and achievement relevant to his or her assigned duties during the past year, according to specifications provided by the academic unit’s evaluation guidelines.

(The updated contract templates include language about the annual report notification.  These can also be found on the UM-Dearborn web page.)

2. Annual reports submited by an Employee will be considered during the Employee’s subsequent interim review(s), if applicable, and major review. An academic unit may also provide annual feedback on an Employee’s annual report.

3. An Employee who fails to submit an annual report in a timely manner may, at the discretion of the academic unit, be denied the annual increase provided in Article XV.A.2 as follows:

a. The academic unit shall provide the Employee with written notice of its intent to deny the annual increase;

b. Within fourteen (14) days of the date of the written notice, the Employee may submit the annual report and/or provide the academic unit with an explanation of his or her failure to submit the annual report.

c. After considering any explanation provided by the Employee, the academic unit will confirm in writing its final decision with respect to the denial of the annual increase

4. All Employees who work during any part of the annual review period shall be required to submit an annual report.

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Q:  What are the requirements for Lecturers to read e-mail?  How should we best communicate with Lecturers?


A:  As departmental leaders you should be informing all employees about how you will communicate and what the expectations are for communication.  We suggest that if you require e-mail communication, you inform Employees up front and ensure that Employees have access to retrieve e-mail communication.

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Q:   Where do I get paper copies of the contract?

A:    The full text of the 2007-2010 UM/LEO contract is now available online.  Click below to download a pdf copy of it or contact Dearborn Human Resources for a paper copy.

The 2007-2010 UM/LEO Contract

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Q:  When are we required to post open positions?

A:  Article XXVI – All appointment opportunities shall be posted on the Employer’s Human Resources website. In addition, Employees on layoff in the academic unit shall be notifiied of all such appoitment opportunities in accordance with Article XIIE.6. 

This article goes on to identify the posting criteria in section A 1.

Section A.2. explains exceptions to posting which include: if the academic unit intends to recall an Employee from layoff; the employer may fill a Lecturer III position from the ranks of the current or laid off Employees without posting; and the posting requirement can be waived by the employer when it would interfere with the need for timely hiring decisions, in unusual circumstances, or if otherwiese provided for in this Ageement (special cases).

When in doubt post.  The posting system used by the University requires one posiing per position.  The system allows administrators to easily copy past postings.

FYI:  Per Aticle XIX, Section A 5. Within any academic unit, all evaluations in a given academic year will involve the appliction of consistent criteria for all Employees. Employees will be notified of changes in evaluation criteria by July 31 for the upcoming academic year.

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Q:   What are the minimum salaries for 2014-15?

A: The contractual minimum salaries under the LEO Agreement effective for September 1, 2014, are LEC I/II $28,000 and LEC III/IV $32,000.

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Q:  What is required to review performance for LEO Lecturers and if I want to make changes to the requirements is there a deadline?

A:  The LEO contract includes a number of requirements related to performance evaluation.  Please note the following reminders:

  • Each academic unit must establish and distribute written procedures and criteria for major reviews and interim evaluations, including procedures for classroom observations, if observations are to be part of the review process.
  • Any changes to evaluation criteria must be announced by July 31, 2008 to be effective for the 2008-09 academic year.
  • Once per academic year, each academic unit must notify Lecturers of their obligation to submit an annual report, its specifications, and the due date.  If this wasn’t done when fall contract letters were distributed, please send out these notifications.

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