Please Note!


Please remember to keep the recycling stream clean!

Rinse out bottles and cans before you put them in the recycling bins in your office!

Food, even crumbs in your cereal box, will contaminate the recycling stream!


Single-Stream Recycling

The University of Michigan-Dearborn utilizes a single-stream recycling program on campus. The program recycles more materials and is easier than ever before. Plus, the recycling program provides both operational and environmental savings to the University.

 Recycle More!

With the University’s recycling program, so many things can be recycled; you may not even need a trash can! Paper items like newspapers, magazines, envelopes, junk mail, office and notebook paper; containers including clear glass bottles and jars, plastic bottles, aluminum and tin cans; and finally cardboard. For a complete list Click here!

Recycle All Together Now!

All your recyclables can be placed in the same bin! This type of recycling is called "single-stream". The sorting of all the different types of materials takes place at the recycling facility.Take a look at where UM- Dearborn's Material is processed.

Get it in the (right) bin!

For trash, staff and faculty are provided with a mini-trash can. Office suites have large trashcans and large recycling containers in central locations. Recycling containers are blue and have a clear liner inside them. Trash containers are gray or black with a black liner.

If you are a student, blue recycling containers are placed around campus near seating areas, in hallways near classrooms, in the library and the UC.

How Recycling and Trash Travels

Staff and Faculty

If you are in an office, once your trash and recycling containers are full, please empty into the larger trash and recycling bins placed in central locations. Custodian will then collect from the large centralized containers every night, and then transfer trash and recycling to the outside containers for pick-up. There is no collection of trash and recycling from your desk by custodial staff. 


If you are a student, please place recyclables and trash in the correct containers around campus. If you work in an office or use space at the UC, please see information for faculty and staff about how materials are handled.

Impacts of Recycling at UM-Dearborn

The recycling program is projected to realize the following environmental benefits over a 5-year period. Your participation in the program contributes to these numbers!

Waste diverted from landfill:

1.4 Million Pounds

Avoided CO2 Emissions:

1,913 Metric Tons CO2 equivalent 

of taking 69 cars off the road

Avoided Resource Use:

4.3 Million gallons of water saved

3.4 Million kWh Energy saved

9,982 trees saved

First year audits show that we have leveled out right at our expected goal of diverting 40% of the waste stream from landfills.



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