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American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists
409 Twelfth St, SW PO Box 96920
Washington, DC 20090-6920
(202) 638-5577
*The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists is dedicated to the advancement of women’s health through education, advocacy, practice and research.

American Menopause Foundation
350 Fifth Avenue, Suite 2822
New York, NY 10019
Phone: (212) 714-2398
*The consumer-focused AMF provides menopause information through its newsletter, literature, educational programs and volunteer support groups. http://www.americanmenopause.org

*Menopauseonline is a website dedicated to supplying up-to-date information on menopause management through online bulletin boards, chat rooms, self-assessment tools and medical expert advice.

North American Menopause Society
PO Box 94527
Cleveland, OH 44101-4527
Phone: (440) 442-7550 or (800) 774-5342
*NAMS is a nonprofit organization dedicated to understanding menopause and providing accurate and unbiased information. To read their publications and view a list of physicians see the website and click on consumer.