Bulb Waste - Guidance

Generators of bulb waste are required to comply with rules and regulations promulgated by federal, state and local regulatory agencies. The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) specifies disposal requirements and the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality licenses, inspects and regulates generators, and disposal facilities handling waste.

The safety guidelines, regulations and procedures presented are intended to help generators comply with governmental rules and regulations designed to protect human health and the environment. Strict compliance with these regulations ensures the waste is managed, transported and disposed of safely and properly while reducing potential liability to the University.

  • All types and sizes of bulbs are accepted by EHS.
  • All bulbs should be carefully packaged to prevent breakage.
  • Bulbs must be kept in a secure, dry location.
  • All bulb containers must have a "Bulb Label" affixed to the container. Fill out the label, including the "Accumulation Start Date." The accumulation start date is the first day you begin filling the container with bulbs. Including the building name and type/quantity of bulbs in the container.
  • Labels are available through EHS.
  • Stack boxes so that the label is clearly visible during storage.
  • Bulbs may not be accumulated for longer than one year. Bulbs should only be accumulated for 10 months or less to ensure compliance.