The Journalism and Screen Studies major (JASS) is dedicated to storytelling—its forms, techniques, and technologies. We offer individual courses on the genres, including news, feature and photojournalism; narrative journalism/creative nonfiction; and documentary and feature film.

In all courses, JASS stresses convergent media, inter-disciplinarity, and the underlying research and writing skills that connect us as journalists, documentarians and filmmakers.

The program looks at storytelling as a means to both inform and entertain. The ability to analyze and interpret work in a specific medium and to view it within a variety of interpretive contexts provides a foundation for all forms of storytelling, from news reportage to feature films.

While we offer individual courses in each medium, all courses include analytical components and assignments, and all stress the interdependency of theory and practice, form and content. JASS makes current and emerging technologies available to all its students, emphasizing these technologies, not as ends in themselves but as tools of intellectual and creative expression.

Students may now opt to major in Journalism and Screen Studies, or minor in JASS or Film Studies.