Research & Sponsored Programs

Student Research Grants

Deadlines:  none  (Apply any time, review within about 10 business days)

PURPOSE:  Student Research Grants provide funds for independent research projects by UM-Dearborn undergraduate or graduate students.  The project must be supervised by a faculty member and the project will ordinarily be related to the student's major field of study.

  • Undergraduate students and graduate students are eligible for up to $500 (see Restrictions)

Applications should contain the following:

  1. Application form and budget summary (2 pages):  provide the names of the faculty member and the student (please include e-mail addresses).
  2. Budget narrative and detail (1/2 page): provide detail for each budget item and describe how the costs relate to the project and why they are necessary.  State what will happen to the Supplies and Materials that might remain after the project is completed:  if any item will not be returned to the department, describe what will happen to them.
  3. Project Description (4 pages): address Evaluation Criteria, below, and include:
    • Hypotheses or critical ideas to be studied
    • Techniques and methods; how the data will be analyzed
    • Literature Cited (2 pages max)
  4. For projects involving human subjects, click on this link for IRB approval application instructions.

EVALUATION CRITERIA: The following criteria will be used by members of the Research Support Committee and other reviewers:

  • The quality and importance of the proposed work
  • The project's potential to produce results (e.g., thesis, publication, term paper, etc.)
  • The productivity and involvement of the named faculty advisor, including the results of any previous Campus Grant
  • The value of this work in terms of the student's education and potential
  • How well the proposal addresses these guidelines

RESTRICTIONS:  Graduate students may apply for these Student Research Grants one time only to begin working on their research.  Graduate students should apply for a Graduate Student Research Grant at the next possible deadline (October 15 and February 15) for additional support.

ALLOWABLE COSTS: Charges for salary, tuition, books, and travel to present a paper are not allowed.  Non-expendable items purchased with grant funds remain the property of the advisor's UM-Dearborn department.  Expenses incurred prior to the application submission are not allowed; no funds will be provided for such costs.  Prior to incurring costs, contact the Dearborn Office of Research and Sponsored Programs or the department administrator.

APPLICATION PROCEDURE: Send an email to the Dearborn Research Office.