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Experience. Most jobs require it. But how do you get it? Experience comes in many forms - your goal is to figure out how to translate what you do as a student to the career you want. 

Our goal, as Experience+, is to support you as you learn and grow from all of your academic, personal and professional experiences. We connect students to opportunities across campus and around the world, encourage learning experiences outside the classroom, and promote individual professional development  that includes self reflection and self-understanding.

Connect with Experience+ Opportunities

In addition to all the great work conducted by our collaborating partners, Experience+ has also launched the following initiatives - a short description of each is below.

Campus Partners

Our strength comes from the partnership between four key campus resources.  

  • Mardigian Library brings resources and experience teaching informational literacy and research skills
  • Global Learning develops self-aware global citizens who can collaboratively address complex, borderless issues in a just and sustainable manner
  • Career Services prepares students for the world of work as they integrate their academic learning with their professional aspiration
  • Talent Gateway focuses on the development of “soft skills” and encourages reflection on the impact of living and learning experiences on academic, personal, and professional goals

Experience+ also collaborates with the College Co-op and Internship Programs, who assist students in preparing for and finding work experience in their related fields.

Mardigian Library

Mardigian Library

Study abroad in Iceland

Global Education

Career Services

Career Services

(M)Talent Students

Talent Gateway

Have questions or want to get involved? Contact us for more information at [email protected] and check out upcoming events on VictorsLink!

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