College of Arts, Sciences, & Letters debuts pandemic-focused concentrations this fall

August 17, 2020

Faculty — through their research expertise — developed four pandemic concentrations in areas of medical, healthcare, communication and psychology.

Before someone can be a part of the solution, there needs to be an understanding of the medical, cultural and social challenges created or magnified by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Recognizing this, College of Arts, Sciences, & Letters professors designed four new concentrations in pandemic problem-solving in the campus’ Integrated Studies (IS) program; CASL’s Integrated Studies gives students the opportunity to create their own academic path by choosing three minors or concentrations instead of one major.

Developed through faculty research expertise, the new pandemic concentrations are in the areas of Pandemics and Infectious Disease, Media Roles and Responses to Pandemic, Public Health in a Pandemic, and Living, Working, Connecting and Adapting during a Pandemic.

CASL Associate Dean Gabriella Scarlatta said the courses in each of the four concentrations share lessons learned from COVID-19, but will not solely focus on today’s pandemic. Ultimately the goal is to learn skills on how to handle a crisis through critical evaluation, maintaining flexibility, and responding creatively to fast-changing needs.

Since these concentrations were designed with a focus on pandemics, and not just on COVID-19, Scarlatta said these areas will continue — especially in our global society — to remain relevant.

“Students will benefit from learning about the current pandemic and from developing the skills to work in a health crisis of this magnitude,” Scarlatta said.

For more information about CASL’s pandemic concentrations, go here.

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