Henderson recognized as 'Work/Life Champion'

October 5, 2012

Christopher Tremblay and Monica Porter congratulate Vice Chancellor Stanley E. Henderson Christopher Tremblay and Monica Porter congratulate Vice Chancellor Stanley E. Henderson

Christopher Tremblay knew that completing his doctoral internship while working full time at University of Michigan-Dearborn would be a challenging balancing act. One thing he didn’t have to worry about? Finding the time to complete that challenge.

That’s thanks, in part, to the support he received from Stanley E. Henderson, vice chancellor for enrollment management and student life.

“Vice Chancellor Henderson supports continuing education, especially advanced degrees,” Tremblay said. “Offering a flexible schedule allowed me to work four, ten-hour days so that I could complete my internship on Fridays.”

Rearranging work schedules so that staff members can continue their education is just one way Henderson encourages a healthy work/life balance.

Last week, University of Michigan recognized Henderson with a Work/Life Champion Award for Supervisors. The award acknowledges supervisors who promote work/life balance through consistent recognition of and responsiveness to their employees’ professional and personal needs.

Tremblay and Monica Porter nominated Henderson for the award.

“We received more than 100 nominations containing dozens of stories detailing the extraordinary efforts supervisors, at all levels throughout the university, make to promote work/life balance,” says Jennie McAlpine, director of Work/Life Programs. “This award is our opportunity to show our gratitude as a community. By celebrating these supervisors we recognize that a healthy balance is one thing that helps make Michigan a great place to work.”

Henderson’s support goes far beyond offering flexible schedules. From facilitating teamwork to recognizing employee milestones, he works to create a community of respect.

“He strongly believes that each member of this community brings a diversity rich with a tapestry of experiences, and those experiences makes us diverse and fosters a community where all can benefit from a safe and inclusive learning environment,” said Porter.

This marks the second year the U-M Work/Life Resource Center has given the awards. This year, the Center recognized five supervisors from across all U-M campuses and the health system.

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