Students revitalize Alpha Kappa Psi chapter

January 29, 2013

Tyler Whitsett had big dreams.

Alpha Kappa Psi University of Michigan-Dearborn students recently revitalized the Alpha Kappa Psi chapter.

So when Whitsett enrolled at University of Michigan-Dearborn, he wanted to position himself for a successful career after graduation.

That’s what inspired him to join Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE).

But in recent years, Whitsett and Mike Callahan contend the overall mission of SIFE drifted from the mission of the College of Business’ internship and development office.

SIFE focuses more now on social outreach, whereas Callahan is more concerned with helping students launch their careers.

“We do need people who are willing to do good in the community for the sake of doing good, but my focus has to be helping students launch careers,” Callahan said.

That’s why SIFE recently disbanded at UM-Dearborn to form Alpha Kappa Psi.

“It’s a professional fraternity that has a long history that meets the desires of what we have, which is helping students launch careers and build networks,” Callahan said.

Priority No. 1 for the organization is expanding professional development opportunities for students.

“We have some cool things in the works,” said Whitsett, a senior majoring in supply chain management. “There’s a lot of career development and networking opportunities.”

Many of the students involved in SIFE made the switch to Alpha Kappa Psi, and the transition also has helped recruit new members.

“The cool thing is that we’ve seen an influx of students who had no idea we even existed,” Whitsett said. “I’ve had students come up to me and say, ‘Hey, I heard you guys were doing this and you were all about launching careers?’ Those are the students we really want to serve.”

UM-Dearborn once was home to an Alpha Kappa Psi chapter, and Callahan said he’s heard plenty of excitement from alumni who remain involved with the fraternity.

“They’re very interested and excited about the fact that we’re going to reenergize this chapter,” Callahan said. “There are a lot of things we’re doing to help students discover and move from, ‘I don’t know what I want to do,’ to, ‘I know the value I bring to the market and I am excited about the opportunities that I am facing.’”

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