UM-Dearborn management student contributes to 'Art in the House'

October 17, 2012

"Hide and Seek" by Genevieve Maiani "Hide and Seek" by Genevieve Maiani

Senior management student Genevieve Maiani had a recurring dream as a child, a dream of out-hiding her friends during a game of hide and seek by hovering above them.

Now, a painting she created portraying that dream is on display in the Anderson House Office Building, home of the Michigan House of Representatives.

Maiani’s work was selected for Art in the House, a partnership between the Michigan House of Representatives and the President’s Council, State Universities of Michigan, to promote art in everyday life. The program displays art created by students attending Michigan universities.

Maiani created “Hide and Seek,” a painting/collage narrative on three canvasses, as an assignment for Applied Art 201: Beginning Painting. Students were challenged to depict a childhood memory or dream while also incorporating collage into the painting.

“Instead of depicting the inside of my old family room, I decided to bring the outdoors inside because I really enjoyed playing outside as a child,” Maiani said. Structural beams became trees, the family room couch morphed into a waterfall, and Maiani and her friends transformed into animals in the painting.

Maiani and her family traveled to Lansing on Wednesday to attend the Art in the House reception. “Hide and Seek” will be displayed in the Anderson House Office Building for one year.

“I was honored when professor Lambert asked to submit my piece for this competition,” she said. “I honestly wasn’t sure if I was going to be selected for it because there were so many other great pieces from fellow students. Needless to say, I was thrilled!”

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