University Center chosen for pilot recycling program

June 13, 2011

The University Center has been selected for a pilot recycling program based on the diverse uses of the building. The Center is currently the largest waste generator on campus. Not only does the pilot program have the potential to divert a significant amount of waste, it's also an opportunity to promote recycling to a wide cross section of students, faculty and staff.

Did you know? The campus community can now recycle paper, bottles, and cans in the same bin while in the University Center! This type of recycling is called "single-stream" and it's being tested only at the University Center during the summer of 2011.

How can you participate? Look for recycling containers throughout the University Center, clearly labeled and set next to trash cans for your convenience. Place acceptable recyclables in the proper container. No sorting required.

What can be recycled? May items you use each day can be recycled through the single-stream pilot program at the University Center.

This includes:

  • paper items like newspapers, magazines envelopes, junk mail, office and notebook paper
  • containers including clear glass bottles and jars, plastc bottles aluminum cans;
  • cardboard.

Once collected from the University Center, recyclables are delivered to a recycling facility that sorts the paper, plastic, metal and glass. The materials are bundled, sold to manufacturers and become new products.

The pilot program was designed to keep waste at a minimum. The program will reuse trash containers and convert them into recycling containers. In office suites, wastebaskets at each desk will be re-tasked and labeled as recycling bins. Staff will be provided new desktop mini-trash cans for waste. Centrally-located recycle bins and trash cans will be placed throughout the office, and staff will be empty the small desktop bins into the larger trash and recycling bins in their departments.

Questions about the pilot recycling program? Contact the Department of Facilities Planning at 593-5045.

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