Four years in a row

January 30, 2013

Christina Soliz kept the tradition alive as she became the fourth UM-Dearborn student in consecutive years to receive a scholarship from the Tau Sigma National Honor Society.

Christina Soliz received her check from chapter adviser Christopher Tremblay

Christina Soliz wasn't always the most likely student to get involved. In high school, her plan was to stick with schoolwork.

Now, though, she has joined a growing list of University of Michigan-Dearborn transfer students who are making the most of their college experience—and who are getting recognized for it.

Soliz recently became the fourth consecutive UM-Dearborn student to earn a scholarship from Tau Sigma National Honor Society, the honor society for transfer students.

Soliz joined Tau Sigma as a way to "break out of her shell" after transferring from another college.

"Being a transfer student on a commuter campus, I didn’t think I’d have the opportunity to get to know people," she said. "But Tau Sigma was a chance to get involved and make friends."

Soliz, a sociology major, didn't waste time getting involved.

Since joining Tau Sigma last year, she has become the chapter's vice president, coordinated a service project to Gleaner's Food Bank, helped plan the upcoming induction ceremony and presented at a conference with Maureen Linker, associate professor of philosophy, and Neam Alazawi, chapter president.

"This is a great chapter. Ever since we were founded in 2009, a UM-Dearborn student has earned a Tau Sigma scholarship," Soliz said. "It's a good legacy to be a part of."

Previous UM-Dearborn scholarship recipients were Meghan Liwienski, Timothy Fitch and Menas Houstoulakis.

Soliz hopes to use the $2,000 scholarship to help fund her Global Intercultural Experience for Undergraduates (GIEU) trip to Vietnam this summer.