Freshman scholars

February 15, 2013

Many of the 23 freshmen from Detroit Edison Public School Academy (DEPSA) who visited University of Michigan-Dearborn last month had never before stepped foot on campus.

DEPSA Wade McCree Scholars

But thanks to the Wade H. McCree, Jr. Incentive Scholarship Program—and the full-tuition scholarship that comes with the completion of the program—it won’t be the last visit.

“What a pleasure it is to come together to welcome a talented group of young people,” said UM-Dearborn Chancellor Daniel Little during the program’s induction ceremony on January 31. “You have your whole life to create, and much of that life will come through education.”

The Wade H. McCree, Jr. Incentive Scholarship Program encourages students to strive for excellence in the classroom and in their communities. In order to participate, students and their parents sign an agreement that they will meet the performance standards of the scholarship program, including maintaining a minimum 3.0 GPA in high school and earning a 21 or better ACT score.

UM-Dearborn will provide full-tuition scholarships to students who enroll at the university after they successfully complete the program’s requirements.

“Being in a community carries a lot of responsibility,” said Stanley E. Henderson, vice chancellor for enrollment management and student life. “You are embarking in the community of higher education by taking on the mantle of Wade McCree Scholar.”

The program is named for Wade H. McCree, Jr., the former solicitor general of the United States and University of Michigan professor of law.

“ are uniquely designed, purpose-filled,” said Shirley Brown, principal of DEPSA’s Early College of Excellence. “I’m thrilled we have ninth-graders here who are receiving today full rides to a tier-one university. It doesn’t get any better than that.”

This marks a growing partnership between the university and DEPSA. More than 30 DEPSA juniors and seniors currently are enrolled at UM-Dearborn through the university’s dual enrollment program.