Saying thanks: Student Philanthropy Council shares the importance of giving back during annual Tuition Freedom Day

February 16, 2015

Two students on Tuition Freedom Day

Jennifer Oprisiu called it an eye opener.

When she learned that student tuition covers only about 67 percent of University of Michigan-Dearborn’s operating budget—and that the university depends on support from donors and outside sources to cover the difference—she wanted to help spread awareness among students.

Last week she helped share the message of philanthropy during Tuition Freedom Day. The daylong event symbolizes the point in the academic calendar when student tuition dollars run out.

Student Philanthropy Council (SPC) organized the annual event to share the importance of giving back to the university through time, talent and treasure. They invited students to play games to learn more about philanthropy and volunteerism on campus. SPC also encouraged students to say thanks to donors and volunteers for their support.

In all, nearly 125 students participated in the games and 150 students signed thank you messages.

“Not too many students were aware of the generous support our donors provide,” Oprisiu said. “I definitely think we made an impact.”

It’s been a busy month for SPC members. On February 2, the organization kicked off their #DearbornDifference campaign. The campaign collected and shared nearly 100 stories that celebrate what students, faculty, staff and alumni believe makes UM-Dearborn special.

“SPC worked hard to create energy on campus through the #DearbornDifference campaign and they were very creative when planning this year’s Tuition Freedom Day,” said Eva Gogola, assistant director of alumni relations. “The SPC’s efforts were impactful and fun. They engaged and educated a lot of students with Victors Price is Right and Philanthropy Trivia.”