Transferrable skills: UM-Dearborn student earns top Tau Sigma scholarship for eighth consecutive year

January 30, 2017

This marks the eighth consecutive year a UM-Dearborn student has received the honor.

Salam Smidi

Another year, another top scholarship for a UM-Dearborn transfer student. Salam Smidi—a transfer student from Henry Ford College—earned the top Tau Sigma National Honor Society scholarship for 2017. This marks the eighth consecutive year a UM-Dearborn student has received the honor.

Smidi was recently presented with the $2,000 scholarship from Tau Sigma, the honor society for transfer students. Since transferring to UM-Dearborn in fall 2015, she says she has become active on campus.

“Campus involvement truly does shape your time spent at a university,” Smidi said. “You are able to connect with people you may have never talked to and you give yourself the chance for new opportunities.”

As the president of Tau Sigma, Smidi encourages members to get more involved on campus and engage in the university’s atmosphere.

“It takes time to adjust from a community college to a larger university campus.” she said. “I want our members to feel at home, and I don’t believe there’s a better way to do that than getting involved and meeting new people.”

Smidi is thankful for the opportunities Tau Sigma has presented her with, and how other members have pushed her to open up and try new things.

“I’ve never been an executive board member of an organization,” she said. “Taking on the role of president for Tau Sigma was a huge stepping stone for me that has led to a much greater path.”

In addition to Tau Sigma, Smidi is secretary for Autism Speaks U and a mentor for Mentors for a Brighter Day. She’s an Honors Transfer Innovator member, participates in organic chemistry research and is a member of several other campus organizations.

“Salam has worked hard this year to partner with other student organizations around campus,” said Rand Kazanji, chapter adviser of Tau Sigma. “They’ve been working on joint initiatives that benefit not just academic achieving transfer students, but all students.”

To be eligible for Tau Sigma, transfer students must have a 3.5 GPA after their first full-time semester.

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