This is the Wolverine Media Network.

February 23, 2022

The Michigan Journal, Lyceum, Campus Video Network and WUMD Radio have been at UM-Dearborn for decades — but they are now starting a new chapter within the Wolverine Media Network.

Photo of a WUMD student DJ in the Wolverine Media Network office.
A WUMD student DJ broadcasts from the Wolverine Media Network office. Photo by Rudra Mehta

There’s a group of students huddled together editing their latest short film for the Campus Video Network. WUMD Radio is on-air with students discussing their latest podcast. The Michigan Journal prepares their latest newspaper before it goes to print. 

This is the Wolverine Media Network.

The Michigan JournalLyceum, Campus Video Network and WUMD Radio have been at UM-Dearborn for decades. But they are now starting a new chapter within the Wolverine Media Network (WMN). 

WMN is the UM-Dearborn organization for all things communication. WMN President Nameera Joz said to think of it as a collaboration of talents under one giant umbrella. “It is an outlet for creativity and a place for students to experiment with various facets of a workforce in an encouraging environment,” she said.

A real life media company is more than just movies or articles — that’s what WMN strives to establish. WMN Adviser Tyler Guenette said students benefit from the WMN because it provides a multimedia interface for holistic development for life after school.

“Leveraging the synergies across the board and giving exposure to what it would be like to work in a real life media environment forms the foundation of WMN,” said Guenette, campus’ Office of Student Life director. “A Michigan Journal staff writer may write an article and have it published in print. Furthermore, they may also have it transcribed to be talked about on WUMD while a potential CVN video is also on the cards. That’s the seamless transition WMN aims to provide.”

Guenette also explained that the organizations need similar resources and it was beneficial to combine forces for efficiency and networking outreach. “With WMN, the idea is to cover all ground and make sure every org fulfills its potential while mimicking what the real world will feel like,” he said. “We’ve also opened up more opportunities to engage alumni with the four orgs since an umbrella organization has been formed.”

Photo of the Wolverine Media Network suite in the UC

WMN offers more than media or communication roles. Joz, a finance major, said there’s also budgeting, staff recruitment, management and other aspects of business in any part of the world. “Despite being a Finance major, the ease of fitting into a cohesive structure like WMN is testament to the aim of the org; parity across all disciplines,” Joz said. “I get the experience of running a business before I even run a business. Managing finances, handling personnel, resolving internal conflicts and so on, it teaches you almost everything. The uniqueness of WMN is what drew me in.”

A business student trying their hand at DJing at a college radio station might sound far-fetched, but experiences like that have given Joz an opportunity to learn more about herself. For example, she’s discovered that she has a natural affinity for music.

“Seeking experience in things that are outside the norm as a student, let alone a business major, is one of the major things I look forward to.”

Some of the goals of UM-Dearborn’s very own mediahouse include building a stronger communications foundation, creating university traditions and establishing partnerships.

“Current WMN leadership will help set the foundation in place with students enthusiastic for the cause allowing us to progress sustainably,” Guenette said. Joz, who is leading the organization, points to the bigger picture: “We aim to create traditions through WMN for the university that are meant to last for years to come.”

Joz said students interested in WMN can expect to gain connections, gain exposure to something unique and put an eye-catching organization on their resume.

“Employers look for individuals with such inclusive experiences, and even more so in roles that show your capabilities,” she said. “Being a part of WMN will help students develop a long-lasting mark on their identity and create memories they will cherish for their entire lives.”

For students who are interested in joining the WMN team, stop by the WMN office in the University Center, UC 2128, or reach out to WMN President Nameera Joz.

Article by Rudra Mehta.