Are you interested in a program of study that allows you to pursue your interest in gender equity and social justice while developing the skills employers and competitive graduate programs desire?  

In Women’s and Gender Studies you will examine the ways that gender – through its connection with other forms of power such as race, class, sexuality and national location – shape lives, bodies, institutions and worlds.  

You will also develop your analytical and critical thinking skills, and your ability to integrate and apply knowledge across the disciplines. Recent studies by the US Council of Economic Advisors and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences recommend that students focus on developing precisely these skills to succeed in today’s ever-changing and dynamic labor market.

Women’s and Gender Studies Learning Goals

1)   Gain an understanding of the influence of gender in cultural discourse (including texts and other types of cultural production) and on social organization and behavior.

2)   Gain an understanding of the diverse range of women’s and men’s experiences, including the specific ways that factors such as gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, nationality and class background intersect with one another to shape these experiences.

3)   Learn the fundamental concepts, theories and methods of women’s and gender studies scholarship, including the ways they challenge and/or enrich prevailing disciplinary approaches.

4)   Gain critical thinking and information literacy skills to effectively identify, evaluate and apply data sources and texts related to Women’s and Gender Studies.

5)   Develop the ability to effectively communicate in written and oral form especially in the form of arguments based on appropriate claims and evidence; be able to explain Women’s and Gender Studies concepts and theories to academic and general audiences.

6)   Gain skills to recognize and understand the relationship between theory and practice as it relates to social and personal change.