UM-Dearborn announces 2021 class of Difference Makers

April 28, 2021

Meet the outstanding students making up the university's 12th class of Difference Makers.

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UM-Dearborn Difference Makers are at the forefront of their fields. They’re improving the lives of others and making an impact on campus and in our local communities.

Nominated by faculty and staff, these individuals aren’t just outstanding students and alumni, they embody academic and professional achievement, integrity and leadership. These 50 students make up the 12th class of campus Difference Makers. Congratulations to the awardees and thank you for all that you do!

Alexis Zerbst, COB, Senior
Alyssa Harlow, COB, Senior
Audrey Crews, CASL, Junior
Bjordis Collaku, CECS, Senior
Brennan Coyne, COB, Senior
Brigit Bradakis, CECS, Senior
Chaima Abid, CECS, Doctoral student
Dania Shami, CASL, Senior
Darrius Hicks, CASL, Fall '20 grad
David Fuller Jr., CEHHS, Fall '20 grad 
Donte Woodget, CECS, Senior
Drew Dykowski, CASL/CEHHS, Junior
Erik Arney, CECS, Junior
Fangyuan Chang, CECS, Doctoral student
Farzana Fariha, CECS, Senior
Flossie Hall, CASL, Senior
Frank Carter, CECS, Senior
Ghadah Abdulshafi, CASL, Junior
Grace Tate, CEHHS, Junior
Habiba Shamroukh, CASL, Senior
Hania Khan, CASL, Senior
Islam Jaffal, CASL, Senior 
Kallie Korody, COB, Senior
Katarina Moore, CASL/CEHHS, Senior
Katherine Jaber, COB, Senior
Kawthar Badran, CECS, Senior
Kaylee Ryan, CASL, Junior
Kelsey Ziegler, COB, Junior
Larissa Dean, CASL, Senior
Lena Hakim, CASL, Senior
Mariam Al-Zuad, CASL, Junior
Maya Hamka, CECS, Senior
Meghan Vaibar, CASL, Sophomore
Mira Chahine, CEHHS, Senior
Mykayla Dowdell, CASL, Senior
Natalie Steele, CASL, Senior
Nathan Roulo, COB, Junior
Nathaniel Pestano, CASL, Junior
Payal Saraiya, CECS, Junior
Ramsey Fakhouri, COB, Graduate student
Ravyn Clanton, CEHHS, Junior
Rene Ziaja, CASL, Graduate student
Ruslan Akhmedagaev, CECS, Doctoral student
Samyuktha Krishnaraj, CECS, Graduate student
Steven Szymanski, COB, Senior
Timothy Batt, CASL, Junior
Trevor Johnson, CECS, Senior
Venkataramanan Rengasamy, CECS, Graduate student
Zahraa Al-Beedani, CASL, Senior
Zenon Sommers, CASL, Senior