Mathematics Major

This page sketches the requirements for students seeking an undergraduate major in Mathematics. For a more detailed listing of course requirements, scroll down to Mathematics on the CASL Major Requirements Page, approximately three-fourths of the way down that page, or talk to the Math & Stat Undergraduate Advisor.

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Undergraduate Mathematics Course Descriptions 

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In addition to undergraduate concentrations in Mathematics, we also offer an Applied Math Masters Program.

Requirements for Major

  • All students must complete the basic curriculum of MATH 115, 116, 215, 216, 227, and 300.  MATH 300 was formerly classified as MATH 200 and is not required for the Mathematics/Computer Science dual degree. 
  • One of CCM 172 or CIS/CCM 150. 
  • You must also take 6 other approved courses numbered higher than MATH 300. For degree plans and course requirements, either contact the Math & Stat Undergraduate Advisor or consult CASL Advising and Records.  
  • You must also take 6 credits in cognate courses (courses outside of Mathematics) that you select from a specified list of courses in subjects like Statistics, Physics, Computer & Information Science, Computer & Computational Mathematics, Philosophy, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical & Computer Engineering, or Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering.  See CASL Advising and Records or speak to the Math & Stat advisor for specific courses. 

Requirements for Minor or Area of Focus

  • A minor in the College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters consists of four upper-level courses (12 hours approved courses numbered MATH 300 or higher) for the major in a given discipline. A student must also fulfill all prerequisite courses for the elected upper-level courses. Math Education courses for teachers do not count for the Mathematics minor. 
  • You must have at least a 2.0 grade point average for the 12 hours of upper-division Mathematics courses. 
  • There are restrictions on how many transfer credits, internships, or S/E courses can be used to fulfill the 12 credit requirement.  (see CASL Advising and Records or speak to Math & Stat advisor for specifics)
  • Minors are NOT automatically granted.  You must petition for recognition of a minor upon completion of the required coursework.  Petition forms are available at the CASL Advising office.


  • The faculty of Mathematics recommends that two semesters of Physics be taken by the Mathematics major to satisfy the CASL science distribution requirement.
  • Applied Statistics courses (STAT) cannot be used to fulfill the MATH requirements for the major. STAT 325 and above are strongly recommended as cognate courses.


There are restrictions regarding

  • The use of courses to satisfy both Distribution and Major/Cognate Requirements.
  • The number of Mathematics credit hours or other discipline credit hours that can count towards the degree.
  • Grade point averages required to graduate.
  • The use of Directed Research for satisfying major requirements.  
  • Various other matters.

Please see CASL Advising and Records or speak to the Math & Stat advisor for specifics.