Mathematics and Statistics

The department of Mathematics and Statistics is dedicated to promoting student success through excellence in instruction and research opportunities.

The department provides the Math Learning Center (MLC) for student tutoring, placement exams, and more.

The Department of Mathematics & Statistics staff are located in 2014 CASL Building. During the Summer months we are open Monday - Thursday 8:00 am until 5:00 pm and virtually on Fridays.

You may also contact us at: [email protected]

Resources for Current Students

Below are helpful resources with information on advising, competitions, and research for Math and Stats students. More information on student organizations, like the Math Club and Pi Mu Epsilon, is available on the Mathematics program page.

Undergraduate Degrees

We offer B.A. and B.S. degrees in the following areas.

We also offer the following minors and certificates.

Graduate Degrees

Mathematics Related Degrees

2024 Mathematics and Statistics Honor Scholars


We offer lectures, math circles, and other outreach to the community.

Maize and Blue Math Circle

GirlsGetMath @Dearborn

Turfe Lecture Series

Alumni Network

This professional network is a great way for established alumni and recent alumni to connect. Senior students can learn about the career paths of our distinguished graduates over the past decades. Senior alumni can also promote their company and open positions. Another goal is to connect job seekers and potential employers, as well as connect alumni with similar professional interests.

Professor Thomas Fiore started this group to strengthen the professional network of UM-Dearborn MathStat alumni and friends.

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Department of Mathematics and Statistics Featured News

Department of Mathematics and Statistics Events

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics host several events throughout the year. In March we celebrate Pi 3.14 day when students, faculty and staff enjoy slices of pizza, pie and themed activities! In December we honor and recognize women achievements in mathematics and statistics as well as celebrating the birthday of the late Mathematician Julia Robinson. Along with hosting career day events, math competitions and our special summer programming.

Below are some of our most current events.

Student Awards & Recognition Ceremony 2024

Student Awards Ceremony Collage

Congratulations to all of the talented and hard-working students in Mathematics and Statistics who were honored at our Award & Recognition Ceremony on April 15, 2024! This event recognized students for academic excellence in Mathematics, Applied Statistics, Actuarial Mathematics, and Applied and Computational Mathematics. We also acknowledged those who have completed research projects and work to support students in our department as Office Assistants, Ambassadors and work in the Math Learning Center as Tutors and SI Leaders. This year's ceremony was very well attended. It took place in the Mary Kochoff Auditorium- 1030 CASL building followed by a reception on the second floor corridor.

MI-AMTE / CAC 2024

Amanda Jansen
Keynote Speaker Amanda Jansen

Michigan Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators Conversations among Colleagues Conference

This year's conference organized by Professors Angela Krebs, Nesrin Cengiz-Phillips and Margaret Rathouz was held at the University of Michigan-Dearborn campus on Saturday, March 16, 2024.

The conference launched with a plenary talk, proceeded into breakout discussion sessions organized by topic themes to address key questions posed by participants and session facilitators, and conclude with a second plenary talk. The conference closed with the annual MI-AMTE business meeting.

Pi day 3.14!

Pi shirt
Math Students celebrating Pi day 2024.

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics collaborated with the Association of Women in Mathematics to celebrate Pi day 3.14. Over 125 students, faculty and staff joined us as we enjoyed pizza, pie and games. Professor Dabkowski proved how Pi is an irrational  number (a decimal with no end and no repeating pattern) that is most often approximated with the decimal 3.14 or the fraction 227.

“Probably no symbol in mathematics has evoked as much mystery, romanticism, misconception and human interest as the number pi”

~William L. Schaaf, Nature and History of Pi

Women in Math 2023 Celebration

Women in Math Day 2023 collage
Women in Mathematics Day





Congratulations to the 24 women that were recognized for their high achievements in Mathematics, Applied Statistics, Actuarial Mathematics, and Applied and Computational Mathematics at our annual Women in Math celebration on Monday, December 4.

Games, prizes, awards and cake were provided. We also celebrated the 104th Birthday of Mathematician Julia Robinson.

Math Corps U(M)-Dearborn 2023

Math Corps Group 2023
2023 Campers

This year we hosted a four week summer camp, Math Corps U(M)-Dearborn! Our camp consisted of 40 middle school students, 20 high school students (teaching assistants), 11 college instructors, a local middle school teacher, Dina Shohatee (our camp dean), Angie Krebs, Maggie Rathouz (Discovery Instructors), and Mike Dabkowski (Director). 

Middle school campers showed tremendous improvement in their mathematical ability over camp. The high school teaching assistants grew as mentors, and I taught the high school kids some advanced mathematical topics in their "TA class." We would walk around campus every day and introduce ourselves to faculty and staff across campus, highlighting our department's commitment to mathematical outreach and service to our community. - Mike Dabkowski

Pictures of the campers enjoying the Math Corps program this year.
...campers showed tremendous improvement in their mathematical ability over camp.
— Prof. Mike Dabkowski

Lower Michigan Math Competition (LMMC 2023)

Autumn Tashman, Sarah McCann, Blake Hanson and Prof Dabkowski
Autumn Tashman, Sarah McCann, Blake Hanson and Prof Dabkowski

The Lower Michigan Mathematics Competition is an annual contest held each spring between colleges in lower Michigan.  Teams of 2 or 3 students travel to a rotating location to take a 3-hour written test, followed by lunch and a discussion of solutions. 

The team came in tenth place overall. Teams from UM Flint, Hope College, Kalamazoo College, Saginaw Valley State University, Macomb Community College, Albion College and Grand Valley State University all took place. They had three hours to solve ten problems as a team.

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