Philosophy uses reason to reflect upon the most basic and profound questions that human beings can ask: Does life have a meaning? Is there a God? What is truth? How ought one to live one's life?

Philosophy teaches us how to think and write about these and other basic questions in a reasoned and critical fashion. Because philosophy deals with the fundamental issues that underlie all of our investigations into nature and ourselves, the study of philosophy serves students who are interested in the foundations of the sciences, arts, and social institutions.

The study of philosophy is an excellent preparation for graduate and professional school. Philosophy concentrators are more successful in being admitted to schools of law and medicine than students from almost any other field.

Members of the UM-Dearborn philosophy faculty are committed to excellence in both teaching and scholarly research. They are available both for formal advising and informal discussion. We at UM-Dearborn try to create a relaxed and friendly environment, a community of teachers and students dedicated to philosophical inquiry and discussion. Please call on us whenever we can help.