UM-Dearborn Connect Registration and Records

Course Offerings

Planning Your Schedule

Use the "Class Schedule" to plan your initial schedule. Be sure to choose alternative courses, in case your first choice is filled, to ensure a smooth registration process. This Class Schedule is updated daily. It is sorted alphabetically by subject and contains links to the Course Catalog.

Listing of Closed Courses

The "Listing of Closed Courses" is a list of classes that are cancelled, closed, or on reserve. This list is not real time, it is posted daily during the work week.

Register for Courses

Once you have planned your schedule and you are eligible to register, review the "Registration Information" and "Registration Instructions" to familiarize yourself with the registration process. While you are registering, you may use the Look-Up Classes to Add feature if you need to search for additional courses to elect. This schedule is searchable by various criteria and is real time. If you are ready to register, you may proceed to the "UM-Dearborn Connect " area.

Planning Your Future Schedules

While you are considering your elections for the upcoming semester, it may be of interest to see what might be offered beyond the next semester. The "Program Planning Chart" can be a useful reference tool to help you think about what you should take now and what options you may have for the future. The Program Planning Chart will display all of the courses that have been offered more than once over the most recent six semesters. Although there is no assurance that courses will always be offered in the same pattern, the Chart gives you an idea of what you might expect to be offered in future semesters.