Student Waitlist Policy


  • Waitlists will not close prior to the first day of classes.  Waitlists will remain open during the first eight days of classes for a full term, and the first three days of classes during a half term.  During this time, students may add or drop their names to/from waitlists.
  • During the drop/add period:
    • The responsibility for managing enrollment in a course section lies with Enrollment Services for all courses except the following:
      • Courses offered through the College of Business *
      • Select lecture/lab Natural Science courses
      • Opt-In courses that have the Instructor Approved Add  registration restriction code.
        • Instructors begin monitoring the waitlists for courses with this registration restriction starting the second week of classes in a full term (beginning the fourth day of classes in a half term).
  • Students who are on the waitlist for a course will have viewer access to Canvas. This allows you to see the syllabus and assignments, but does not allow you to submit assignments or engage in the course. Viewer access to Canvas does not mean that you are registered for the course, so you should continue to review your registration during the add/drop period. If you are not added to the course from the waitlist, you will no longer have viewer access to Canvas after the add/drop period is over.

Additional Guidelines

Students may not:

  • Waitlist for more than one section of a multi-section course.
  • Waitlist a section of a course when already registered for a section of the same course.

If either of the above circumstances occurs, students will not be permitted to remain on a waitlist for the section involved.

A student who places his/her name on a waitlist for Enrollment Services managed courses agrees to be registered in the section if space becomes available or if a new section is opened at a time/day identical to that of the existing waitlisted section.

With the exception of the above exclusions, movement from the waitlist to a registered status in a course will occur prior to the beginning of courses and throughout the registration and drop/add period if space becomes available. There is no guarantee that space will open in the waitlisted course. If your schedule is not satisfactory, it is your responsibility to register/drop/add courses as necessary prior to the end of the drop/add period.

For Enrollment Services managed courses, students will receive, an official UM-Dearborn email notification that a waitlisted course has been added to his/her schedule.

The same standards of pre-requisite and time conflict checking will apply to waitlisted courses.

Students are responsible for verifying that their schedule and student status will accommodate the waitlisted course.  In the event that it does not (due to time conflicts or holds, i.e., unit, student accounts, etc.), the waitlist request cannot be honored.

Students who no longer want to be considered for an open space in a waitlisted course should remove the waitlisted course from their schedule. To be removed from a course waitlist, login, select Register for Classes, and select the drop code from the drop down menu on the course.

For answers to questions, please contact Enrollment Services via email at [email protected]

NOTE: due to COVID-19 restrictions, telephone service is not currently available. Transactions can be handled via email ([email protected] or [email protected]), if sent from the account.

*The College of Business Student Advising Office will monitor and enroll students from the waitlist into business courses.