About the EIC

The EIC is the gateway to the 120-acre Environmental Study Area

The Environmental Interpretive Center's mission is to promote a healthy and sustainable environment through education, applied research, community engagement and stewardship

Celebrating 20 Years of the EIC: A Unique Gem where Nature is the Focus


  • To foster student and community awareness of our natural environment.
  • To provide hands-on experiential education and discovery opportunities about the environment for students of all ages in order to promote active stewardship and sustainability of our natural resources.
  • To supply learning and internship opportunities for the next generation of environmental professionals.
  • To promote the conservation of ecosystems in the densely populated region of southeastern Michigan, especially the Rouge River watershed.
  • To engage with schools, businesses, community groups, foundations, government agencies, and municipalities that address ecological realities and challenges as we work towards building sustainable societies.
  • To facilitate field-oriented environmental research in southeastern Michigan.
  • To provide environmental stewardship in the Environmental Study Area, an urban nature sanctuary.

The EIC operates within, and is consistent with, the vision of the University of Michigan-Dearborn for achieving metropolitan impact by tackling urban environmental problems. We are situated in an industrial region facing difficult challenges, such as soil and water contamination, air pollution, and suburban sprawl combined with a shrinking inner-city population, all of which have consequences for public health and quality of life.

Our integrated educational programs and research activities are focused on raising public awareness of these environmental issues and developing and implementing strategies for creating cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable communities.

Video recording of "Rouge River Revived"

The EIC and the Friends of the Rouge hosted a panel discussion on November 16th 2022 with co-authors of the newly released book Rouge River Revived: How People Are Bringing Their River Back to Life.