Eastern Tiger Swallowtail on Ironweed
Eastern Tiger Swallowtail on Ironweed
Eastern Tiger Swallowtail on Ironweed

Ever since the COVID-19 outbreak, many people seem to be really enjoying time outdoors, taking walks, hiking and biking trails, gardening in their yards, and viewing wildlife. As a serendipitous result, perhaps we are becoming more keenly aware of the wild plants and animals with which we share our environment. In celebration of the beauty and value of pollinators and the multitude of flowering plant species that they service, the Environmental Interpretive Center is hosting its first-ever Pollinator Photography Contest.

We invite you to submit your photos of local pollinators and their habitats. These images will be used to foster the public appreciation of these wonderful, industrious creatures.  

General Contest Information


We welcome photo submissions in three categories:

  • Pollinators Up-Close (examples may include detailed images of pollinators and their adaptations like color, wings and appendages, hairiness,etc.)  
  • Pollinator-Flower Interactions (examples may include images of pollinators foraging for nectar and pollen or simply perched on flowers) 
  • Pollinator Landscapes (examples may include images of flowers, pollinator gardens, rain gardens, etc.)
Rules & Prizes

The Pollinator Photo Contest runs from June 24-August 31. Photos will be judged on merit by Center staff. First place winners in each photo category will receive an EIC t-shirt and a jar of honey from the campus apiary. Winners will be notified by Oct. 1 and their photos will be displayed on the EIC website, newsletters, facebook account, and/or email blasts. 

Please submit photos in jpg or png formats.

You may submit up to a total of 5 photos. Note that you will need to complete a separate submission form for each photo.

How to Submit a Photo

You are invited to submit your photo using this online submission form. Note that the deadline for submitting photos is midnight August 31

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